Immune System Deficiencies

Immune System Deficiencies

Are you finding yourself getting more and more colds and illnesses?  Do you feel like you can’t be around kids or other adults during cold/flu season without “catching” something?  Our immune systems can become depressed over time for a lot of different reasons. You could have nutritional deficiencies / toxicities that could possibly be causing this decrease in immune system robustness.  Let us help turbocharge your immune system with our nutritional IV’s along with our functional medicine approaches to dig deeper on the cause of your immune system’s possible malfunction.

Autoimmune Disease

AutoImmune disease is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world.  There are alternatives to the standard way of thinking. If you have found yourself dealing with an autoimmune issue and are looking for someone to take a deeper look, we can help.  We use a myriad of testing protocols along with highly effective treatment methods that look at the entire patient and not just sticking with the new autoimmune drug out there.

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