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Neuropathy Treatment in Glen Carbon

If you’re living with peripheral nerve damage, you’re one of the millions of Americans living with the condition with more being diagnosed each day.

Neuropathy Treatment Traditional treatment options for neuropathy are based on prescription medications with high dependency risks and concerning side effects leaving patients searching for better options to help treat their condition. At Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center, we aim to help patients who aren’t willing to make the compromise of traditional treatments and want effective treatment without options that are safe and holistic, so our neuropathy treatment approach focuses on state-of-the-art natural procedures that address the underlying condition causing your neuropathy for sustainable results. Symptoms of peripheral nerve damage include: Numbness, pins and needles sensations in the extremities, burning, cramping, sharp pains, insomnia, tingling, and decreased mobility.

Do You Struggle With Any of These Pain Points?

Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center offers treatments accepted by Medicare and Insurance to help you live pain free!

Are You Looking For Alternatives To Nerve Compression Surgery?

Neuropathy Treatment options at Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center are…
peripheral neuropathy treatment

Surgery Free

Avoid unnecessary risks of surgery with our treatment options. Often times surgery can mean long and painful recovery. Our neuropathy treatment options let you get back to living your life

peripheral neuropathy treatment

Medication Free

Stop masking your pain with medication and treat the root of the problem with our treatment options. You deserve to live pain free without being dependent on medication!

peripheral neuropathy treatment

Backed By Success

Our patients are back to living active and pain free lives after they visit Infinite Wellness. Join our log list of success stories by scheduling a free peripheral neuropathy consult.

peripheral neuropathy treatment

Comprehensive Treatment

At Infinite Wellness, we focus on finding the underlying cause of your pain instead of using a "band-aid" approach. This means real pain relief ans lasting results!

Are You Ready To Live Pain Free?

Our integrated practice is the best place to find comprehensive neuropathy solutions and customized care plans that address your unique needs and challenges. Our neuropathy relief procedures are non-surgical and drug-free leaving you in control of what happens to your body while you successfully end your pain.

We have the solutions you need to stop neuropathy and get your life back. Schedule your free in-office consultation today.

Let's Get Started.

Use the form below to schedule a FREE consult at our office. We will contact you to set up and appointment time and collect any other details. You can expect a thorough exam and to discuss all of your possible peripheral nerve damage treatment options.

We will review your entire health history and focus on your most concerning pain points. We have many different treatment options for nerve pain so when you are in our office, we can show you each one and walk you through what the procedures look like.

Once we have decided on the best treatment option for you, we will schedule your procedure and make sure you are prepared the day of. Our procedures are all performed in our office and you will be able to leave the same day.

We follow up with you regularly to ensure your pain is gone and to make sure you are taking all steps recommended to stay pain free. We are always available if you have any questions after your procedure. Simple call our office at (618) 747-3200.

What are the Benefits of our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment?

1. It gives you more energy.
Peripheral nerve damage can have an extreme effect on your life. The regular pain it causes can lead to your daily schedule being constantly interrupted. You may have trouble falling asleep at night and you might not have the energy to do the things you normally want to do. Getting neuropathy treatment can help you sleep better at night and give you more energy during the day.

2. It relieves pains.
Even if your peripheral nerve damage doesn’t affect your mobility, the constant daily pain can be a hassle on your life physically and psychologically. Taking away that pain can vastly improve how you experience the world.

 3. It increases mobility.
Some people describe the experience of walking with neuropathy as needles stabbing their feet. This can discourage you from both doing any job where you need to be on your feet and it can keep you from doing leisurely activities such as hiking or taking a walk at the park. Having the pain relieved can help you get back to doing the activities you enjoy.

4. It helps you relax.
Having to deal with pain all the time can take a mental toll. It can always be on the back of your mind. Relieving that pain can give you the means to let yourself unwind without being so focused on your pain.

5. It lets you exercise.
As you get older, staying active can really give you a lot of health benefits in the long run. Peripheral nerve damage can keep you from exercising, so getting treatment can help you stay on your feet and stay active. 

6. It improves your quality of life.
All of these benefits: the pain relief, the increased sleep, the increased mobility, they all lead to a happier and healthier life. Going through neuropathy treatment can change the way you live and allow you to experience a world that is pain-free and full of exciting opportunities.

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