Understanding Shoulder Pain

Suffering from chronic shoulder pain can be a real detriment to the way you live your life. It can affect a variety of aspects in your life, whether it’s work, exercise, or just the everyday activities you like to get up to. You may think it’s something you just have to deal with, but there is a solution, and it may be simpler than you think. If you’re suffering from chronic shoulder pain related to shoulder injury, rotator cuff tears, shoulder degeneration, arthritis, or bursitis, our healing medicine treatments at Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center may be able to help. The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in the body which make it one the most vulnerable. Here at Infinite Wellness, we want to help make sure the muscles involved in any shoulder movement are strong and balanced. This will help you avoid any shoulder injuries by building up the strength of the joint.

Rotator cuff injuries normally involve these muscles which can lead to shoulder pain. They include the:

  • posterior musculature
  • supraspinatus
  • infraspinatus
  • teres major and minor
  • latissimus

If balance isn’t restored back to these muscles, shoulder pain is unenviable and will radiate up into the neck or into the arm.

The first step to properly treating any shoulder pain is to get an accurate evaluation. Our experts will sit down with you and discuss any pain you are experiencing to get a treatment plan started. Of course shoulder pain treatment plans can vary from patient to patient, but most cases of shoulder pain can be managed with nonsurgical therapies and healing medicine.

How Shoulder Pain Develops

Shoulder pain might be one of the most common ailments people who suffer from pain can experience, and it can greatly affect your everyday life. Shoulder pain can sometimes develop just from the wear and tear your body experiences when you live a more active lifestyle, or if your job requires you to do a lot of heavy lifting. But there are other ways shoulder pain can develop. Shoulder pain can develop as a result of a variety of conditions and scenarios, such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Traumatic injury
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Labral tear
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder impingement
Any of these situations can lead to shoulder injury and the resulting pain in the shoulder. These conditions can cause more problems down the line if not treated properly. Daily pain caused by a shoulder injury can dramatically affect the way you live your life. Suffering from shoulder pain can impede your mobility by making it harder to lift things above your head and it can make every day life way more uncomfortable. Dealing with shoulder pain quickly is the best step you can take when it comes to getting your life back on track.

Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center is dedicated to finding a treatment that works well with your individual needs. We try to offer treatments that are holistic and minimally invasive so you don’t have to deal with the down time associated with expensive surgeries. Every individual person’s needs are different, so we do everything in our power to work closely with our patients to find out what will be the best way to relieve their pain as soon as possible.


If you’ve heard of Healing Medicine, you know that it’s a powerful tool in your body and can be extremely helpful in a variety of different ways when it comes to new methods of medical treatment. Healing medical treatment involves the use of healing medicine to speed up the healing process. It can be used to treat all kinds of ailments including:

If you’ve recently been in an accident that has led to shoulder pain, this can help in making your injury heal faster, so you can get back to living the life you were before. This solution is non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about downtime. Healing medicine is a new kind of treatment that has been proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to helping with the healing process. And it’s all natural because it’s just speeding up the natural processes of the body and getting you to the place your body needs to be faster.


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections are another treatment offered by Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center that can be used to reduce the effects of shoulder pain. Plasma is the liquid component of blood and made primarily of protein and water. It can be essential in speeding up the healing of an injury (especially shoulder pain). Since PRP treatment is injection based, there is no down time involved so it can be used as a quick and easy treatment when it comes to healing faster from a traumatic injury.


Perhaps the most common solution is seeing a chiropractor through Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center to help relieve shoulder pain. The chiropractors at Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center will design a treatment experience for you that’s guaranteed to get you instant relief after just one visit. Shoulder pain, back pain, and a variety of other ailments can be dealt with by having a professional help you with shoulder pain exercises and correct alignments. Regularly seeing a chiropractor through Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center can be life changing when it comes to getting your mobility back and living a more active and pain free lifestyle.

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Exploring your options for natural shoulder pain relief could be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for to help you live better. If you want to look into treatments that can significantly change the way you live your life, Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center is a valuable resource. Schedule your free in-office consultation with Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center today to learn more about how we can help you by calling (618) 923-8248.

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