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Are you looking for treatment options for your pain that don’t involve invasive surgery or medication? At Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center, we see and treat a diverse variety of patients using physical therapy techniques to help relieve and eliminate pain. 

Our physical therapists have received extensive training in evaluating and treating pain conditions before they develop into serious problems. An early treatment enables you to work through a physical therapy plan that will help strengthen your muscles and ligaments, therefore preventing a potential major injury. Our physical therapists are capable of treating a wide variety of symptoms and health problems, ranging from back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome.

While it is critical to consult a physical therapist if you have had an injury, you do not necessarily have to wait until you have sustained an injury to see us. You can consider physical therapy as a preventative measure to maintain your body’s strength and reduce your possibility of future injury.

Our goal at Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center is to see our patients get back to doing what they love. We want you to be healthy enough to participate in your chosen activity without experiencing pain or to simply pick up your grandchild without experiencing discomfort. When you choose physical therapy, you are making an investment in your health and bodily strength.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Evaluation and therapy are performed by professional physical therapists or physical therapist assistants. Physical therapy benefits individuals in the following ways:

  • Improves and restores mobility and function.
  • Helps manage pain
  • Reduces the symptoms of numerous chronic (long-term) illnesses and disorders
  • Assists in recovering from and avoiding injuries.

Physical therapy has been shown to benefit individuals of all ages who are suffering from a broad variety of diseases, illnesses, or injuries. Physical therapy may enhance a patient’s quality of life in a variety of ways, from better mobility to improved general health.

1. Pain Relief
This is the most often cited benefit of physical therapy. Our physical therapists can help our patients feel less pain and possibly prevent pain from recurring in the future with therapeutic exercises and manual treatment procedures. Other treatment options include mobilization of the joints and soft tissues, taping, and even electrical stimulation.

2. Be An Alternative Choice To Surgery
Obviously, this advantage does not apply to all surgical situations: an infected appendix or a heart valve problem cannot be treated by physical therapy. In the event of muscular injury, physical therapy can minimize discomfort and speed up recovery, perhaps avoiding surgery. Undeniably, pre-surgery and post-surgery physical therapy can assist in speeding up recovery.

3. Improve Mobility
Stretching and strengthening exercises can help patients of any age or fitness level regain their mobility. A personalized care plan prepared by our physical therapist can help people who use a cane, crutches, or other assistive equipment walk more easily.

4. Help Stroke Patients Recover
Following a stroke, it is normal to experience some loss of function and mobility. Patients can benefit from physical therapy by regaining their gait and balance, as well as strengthening weaker areas of the body.

5. Help with Sports Injuries
Athletes at all levels face the danger of self-injury. Stress fractures, torn muscles, and strained tendons; our physical therapists use their expertise of the body to design appropriate rehabilitation or preventative exercise regimens to assist our patients in returning to their respective sports as quickly as possible.

6. Enhance Your Balance and Minimize Falls
When a patient begins physical therapy, he or she is frequently assessed for fall risk. If they are considered to be at high risk, our physical therapist will guide them through activities that carefully test their balance. Other activities, such as using an assistance device for walking, may be utilized to help improve coordination. If a patient’s balance problem is caused by a vestibular system disorder, such as vertigo, our therapist will do specific maneuvers to assist reduce symptoms.

7. Managing Diabetes and Vascular Conditions Patients with diabetes may experience sensory issues in their feet and legs. Physical therapists will educate these patients about correct foot care, which can help prevent future problems. Exercise can also aid with blood sugar management.

Edwardsville & Glen Carbon Physical Therapy

Whether you’ve injured your ankle while playing basketball, hurt your back while working in the yard, or are recuperating from a work-related injury, physical therapy may help you get back to the activities you like while also enhancing your quality of life. To begin your rehabilitation process today, contact Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center – the Edwardsville & Glen Carbon physical therapists you can trust. Our primary objective is to use our physical therapy skills to help you move better and experience less discomfort. Contact us or schedule an appointment now to learn more about what physical therapy at Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center can do for you.

Your choice of physical therapist should be based on experience, skill, and technique, which we provide at Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center through a caring supportive staff of professionals dedicated to helping you feel your best. Call (618) 747-3200 to begin your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Therapy FAQs

Physical therapy is a medically supervised, hands-on approach to pain management and function restoration. Physical therapists are medical professionals in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and collaborate closely with physicians. Our physical therapists assess your movement patterns, determine the source of your discomfort, and strive to resolve it.

We can explore your alternatives with you and help you decide if physical therapy is the best option for you. Contact us immediately to review your current condition and, if desired, to schedule a free consultation.

Physical therapy is not intended to cause pain, but to alleviate it. However, when you regain movement, your pain level may change. You may suffer some transient discomfort as a result of utilizing weaker or healing muscles. This is a common side effect of therapy. Effective communication with your therapist will assist in alleviating any discomfort. We aim to get you back to normal activities and pain relief quickly.

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