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Struggling with weight control can be both physically and mentally taxing. Multiple elements, from genetics to lifestyle choices, determine our weight, and the journey to manage it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But remember, every challenge presents an opportunity.

What is the Semaglutide treatment?

Semaglutide has emerged as a prominent choice in weight management, offering promising results for individuals seeking efficient methods to address their weight loss goals. Our seasoned medical experts administer Semaglutide treatments subcutaneously.

Mimicking the glucagon-like peptide-1, commonly referred to as GLP-1 hormone, Semaglutide targets specific regions of the brain governing hunger and food consumption. Incorporated into the Infinite Wellness Center medical weight loss program, a comprehensive weight loss strategy, Semaglutide assists patients in managing their weight, paving the way for enhanced weight loss throughout the treatment.

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How does Semaglutide work?

Our medical weight loss program uses an integrated approach, focusing on medical, nutritional, behavioral, and fitness components to create a personalized plan tailored to your needs. Our specialists conduct thorough assessments, taking into account medical history, body composition, metabolic factors, and psychological aspects to provide you with an effective plan.

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How does Semaglutide work?

Semaglutide, which elevates the body’s levels of glucagon-like peptide, is given intravenously once a week during a patient’s course of treatment. GLP-1 plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar and weight. It works by suppressing appetite via the brain and prolonging stomach emptying, which amplifies the sensation of satiety.

To achieve weight loss with Semaglutide, it’s essential to maintain regular physical activity, receive nutritional guidance, and adhere to healthy eating habits. The journey begins with a primary dietary consultation, leading to an initial medication assessment where your medical history is reviewed, your weight loss targets discussed, and a determination made on whether Semaglutide is the appropriate treatment for you. If approved, you’ll receive ongoing medication support from your physician. Your local pharmacy will ensure a steady resupply of Semaglutide every month.

How much weight loss can you experience while using Semaglutide?

In one of the most compelling studies on Semaglutide, participants began with an average body weight of 231 pounds and a BMI of 38. Over a span of 68 weeks, those administered with Semaglutide shed an average of 14.9% of their initial weight, which equates to approximately 33 pounds. In contrast, participants given a placebo lost 2.4% less of their weight.

However, it’s vital to note that even though this has been empirically demonstrated to yield significant and positive results, each patient’s journey is distinct. Everyone will have their unique experiences, with different weight loss milestones reached at varied paces.

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