Infinite Wellness Combines Chiropractic And PRP Therapy For Pain Management

Infinite Wellness Integrated Medical Center understands what it’s like to suffer from chronic back and joint pain. They take a unique and innovative approach to pain management and ultimately pain resolution by combining chiropractic and PRP therapy.

Infinite Wellness Center

Many clinics nationally and worldwide use these therapies as individualized approaches to help their communities live a pain free life.  However, many long term problems are more complex than Chiropractic or Regenerative medicine can handle alone.  The combination of these two natural means of injury and pain resolution is proving to be a winning combination.

What Is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy stands for platelet-rich plasma. This therapy uses a patient’s blood plasma rich in platelets and growth factors to stimulate healing.

The first use of PRP injections to treat pain due to injury was in the sports world decades ago. The effects of PRP therapy were evident when these treatments helped injured athletes heal faster. As a result, these athletes got back into the game after a shorter recovery than those who had surgery or took pain medications alone.

Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center is one of only a handful of centers in the country to offer PRP therapy as part of their standard wellness services.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the specific movement of spinal or peripheral joints to correct any structural or movement issues that may be causing discomfort or uneven wear and tear on the joint.

Chiropractors have success with the treatment of many health issues while neck pain, back pain, headaches, joint problems (such as arthritis), and sports-related injuries are some of the most common. Chiropractic care can help patients get more out of their day-to-day life and enhance their overall well-being.

For More Information

Infinite Wellness Integrated Medical Center has put together a unique, personalized approach to pain management and pain resolution that combines the best holistic chiropractic care many times along with the utilization of PRP therapy to produce lasting patient results.

Those interested in learning more about how chiropractic care and PRP therapy can work together to improve their quality of life can contact Infinite Wellness Integrative Wellness Center for more information. Those interested can contact their office at (618) 655-0333 or email them at

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