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What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy is a way to supplement hormonal activity that usually atrophies as a person ages. A healthy flow of hormones is necessary for the body to be able to perform many vital processes. HRT is a way to restore those healthy processes, hence slowing down the aging process, and alleviating the symptoms of a range of commonly reported health issues. For men, the benefits of HRT include improved immune system functions, improved cognitive functions, weight management, and increased male performance.

HRT primarily targets the restoration of the levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). HGH is important for muscular development and energy levels. Restoring it to adequate levels helps fight the indications of aging. HRT is especially useful for those who are HGH deficient as it can make them feel and appear younger than their actual age.

HRT for men

Types of HRT

There are three primary ways of administering hormone replacement therapy for men. The therapy can be topical, oral, or it can be administered using HRT injections. HRT injections work by injecting hormones into the body directly instead of consuming them in an indirect form such as taking a pill.

  • Topical hormone replacement therapy for men includes creams as well as gels that are applied to the skin on a regular basis. Topical HRT does not need a doctor’s visit and can be self-administered by the patient. Men who are diagnosed with low testosterone levels can be prescribed topical testosterone replacement treatment which is in the form of a cream that is absorbed via the skin. Topical HRT for men can be used to address symptoms of low testosterone such as weariness, irritability, weakness, decreased libido, and low muscle mass.
  • Oral hormone replacement therapy is also an excellent therapy option for restoring normal testosterone levels. It is offered in the form of tablets containing either synthetic or bioidentical testosterone. It should only be administered within the prescribed limits recommended by a qualified medical professional as it is critical not to misuse HGH and expose oneself to higher-than-recommended doses. Extra dosage can lead to major health issues such as heart attack, stroke, and liver failure.
  • Injectable HRT is the delivery of hormone replacement directly into the body. This is usually done via an injection or shots, although it can also be delivered via a pump, slow release implant, or suppository. When administered this way, one dose lasts for about three months to prevent fluctuations in hormone levels that can affect mood and libido.

Benefits of HRT For Men

There are many benefits of HRT for men that have been studied extensively in several studies. Primarily, it can prevent overall malaise, fatigue, and muscle mass loss. As HRT raises the level of HGH in the system, all the benefits that come with having healthy levels of HGH are experienced by the patient.

HGH aids in the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, emotions of well-being, and pleasure. It also helps the body produce serotonin which improves mood. HGH also aids memory function and sleep, improving the recipient’s overall mental health. HGH may also aid the body in recovering from an injury or intense workout. It promotes blood circulation which accelerates the pace at which muscles and other tissues heal. HGH may also potentially be useful in the prevention of prostate cancer since it has been found to decrease angiogenesis (the formation of blood vessels inside tumors), giving patients an advantage in cancer prevention.

Here at Infinite Wellness Center, our number one priority is your health. We are confident that testosterone replacement therapy can help improve the lives of men who struggle with low levels of testosterone due to aging or other factors.” said Dr. Ryan, a wellness chiropractor and owner of Infinite Wellness Center.

HRT may also help in the improvement of cognitive function, such as memory and focus as HGH is especially good at releasing fatty acids from fat cells to feed neurons in the brain. HRT is also being utilized for the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. HRT may also help reduce the progression of dementia, providing patients more time before requiring further care. HRT has been shown to enhance brain function in MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) patients over the age of 65.

A Premier HRT Treatment Center In Glen Carbon, IL

Infinite Wellness can be contacted at the phone number (618) 747-3200 or on their website at to request an appointment. The clinic is located at 220 Evergreen Ln Unit B, Glen Carbon, IL 62034. Along with male hormone replacement therapy, the center also offers a range of other pain relief and healthy lifestyle treatments such as neuropathy treatment, state-of-the-art joint pain treatment, chiropractic care, nutritional IV therapy, and female hormone balancing. 

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