Dr. Ryan Cleland Helps Treat Peripheral Neuropathy With Innovative Technology

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that results from damage to the nerves that carry signals from the spinal cord to the brain. People suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy can initially feel it as numbness or the feeling of pins and needles in the hands and feet. As it develops, it can lead to symptoms such as cramping, insomnia, burning, sharp pains, and a loss of mobility. It can have a devastating effect on a person’s livelihood if not treated properly. The key to a fast recovering is being able to recognize the symptoms as soon as they start happening. 

Do You Struggle With Any of These Pain Points?

There are a number of symptoms that if found may be emblematic of someone suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. These symptoms can manifest as: 

  • Tingling in extremities.
  • Numbness.
  • Pain when walking.
  • Restless leg syndrome.
  • Burning in hands and feet.
  • Muscle cramping.
  • Balance issues.
  • Shock like pain.
  • Arthritis discomfort.
  • Chronic joint pain.

 If you struggle with any of these, then seeking out Peripheral Neuropathy treatment may be the right step for you. Fast action is important so you can go back to living the life you want to live. 

Dr. Ryan Cleland & Infinite Wellness Center uses cutting edge technology to treat Peripheral Neuropathy. Their treatment method centralizes a holistic and natural approach that addresses the underlying cause of Peripheral Neuropathy. The treatment is surgery and drug free and the team at Infinite Wellness customises the treatment to fit with every individual’s specific situation. 

“No two Peripheral Neuropathy cases are alike so we like to make sure each treatment plan is tailor made to give our patients the most comfortable and effective treatment possible,” Dr. Cleland said. 

The Peripheral Neuropathy treatment at Infinite Wellness Center is made to go beyond just masking the symptoms with drugs. It targets the underlying causes of the pain so patients can go on to live a pain-free life after they receive treatment. And there is no surgery involved, so it does little to inconvenience everyday life. Dr. Cleland and the team at Infinite Wellness had the professional training and the knowledge to bring this life changing treatment to you.

Benefits of Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Pursuing Peripheral Neuropathy treatment can lead to a variety of benefits. Relieving the daily occurrence of pain can:

  • Increase your mobility.
  • Let you sleep better at night.
  • Help your mental state.
  • Let you exercise and stay active.
  • Increase your quality of life.

Dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy can be mentally and physically exhausting. Peripheral Neuropathy treatment through Dr. Cleland and the team at Infinite Wellness can make a dramatic impact on your life by letting you live pain free. It’s not too late to take the steps to live an active and healthier lifestyle. Treatment through Infinite Wellness is a great way to live without pain through treatment that’s surgery-free, drug-free, and addresses the underlying cause of the pain without just masking it.

You can schedule an appointment by visiting the Infinite Wellness website at https://infinitewc.com/peripheral-neuropathy-treatment/ or calling (618) 747-3200.

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