How to Relieve Nerve Pain in Your Feet

relieve nerve pain in foot

Patients often approach the Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center to learn how to relieve nerve pain in the feet. The short answer is to treat the symptoms and rest the foot. However, this may not be a long-term solution if you don’t resolve the cause of the nerve pain.

That’s why we at the Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center adopt a more holistic approach to treatment. Our team works with natural therapies to:

  •     Relieve foot pain
  •     Proactively support recovery
  •     Advise you on how to prevent a recurrence of symptoms

By addressing all of these issues, we help you feel better today and in the future. 


What Is Neuropathy? 

Neuropathy is nerve pain – in this case, peripheral nerve pain because it occurs outside the brain. It is common when bones or muscles are compressing nerves or where an injury irritates the nerve. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is one example of neuropathy.

What Are the Symptoms of Neuropathy? 

Symptoms include: 

  •     Cramps
  •     A burning sensation
  •     Sharp pains 
  •     Numbness
  •     Pins and needles in the feet
  •     Reduced mobility
  •     Tingling
  •     Foot or heel pain
  •     Muscle weakness 

How to Relieve Nerve Pain in Your Feet at Home

You should see a medical professional as soon as possible. In the interim:  

  •     Keep weight off your feet and rest
  •     Check that your shoes are the right fit and that you get enough arch support
  •     Ice the area and put your feet up
  •     Brace your feet if you can do so without compressing the nerve more
  •     Gently rub the sore area using fluid strokes 
  •     Use an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen


What Infinite Wellness Can Do for You 

Unlike conventional treatments that use harsh prescription medications or surgery, our remedies are entirely natural. We adopt a holistic approach that promotes healing and reduces pain. 

Our minimally invasive treatments steer clear of addictive medicine with harsh side effects. The therapy is gentle enough to involve little to no downtime but effective enough to make you comfortable. 


What Are the Benefits of Our Peripheral Nerve Pain Relief?

More Energy 

Pain can keep you awake at night and make it difficult to live everyday life. Chronic pain can cause depression and a drastic dip in energy levels. By supporting your body on its healing journey, you can improve your quality of life and work towards better sleep at night. 

Pain Reduction

Our treatments reduce pain and inflammation naturally, allowing you to reduce the amount of medication you need to take. 

Better Mobility

If your feet are aching, you’ll naturally wish to stay off them as much as possible. Enhance your mobility by visiting our clinic. Over time, you’ll be able to exercise again and become fitter and more active. 

Improved Quality of Life

Will our treatments help you fall asleep tonight or boost your motivation to exercise? Not directly, no. However, as the aches ease, you will find it easier to relax, sleep, and start feeling better.  


Are You Looking for Alternatives to Nerve Compression Surgery?

Doctors don’t like recommending surgery unless you have no other choice. That’s understandable, as surgery:

  •     Comes with the risk of being under anesthetic
  •     Entails a recovery period of as long as a year
  •     Is painful, and your body has to recover from the operation in addition to your condition
  •     Is expensive
  •     Comes without any guarantees of success and the risk that it could make the situation worse

Are you ready to take on surgery when there is a less invasive treatment? Contact the Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center, and discuss your prognosis. 


How to Prevent a Pinched Nerve in Your Foot

Once your body recovers, you want to do everything possible to prevent another pinched nerve. Here are some lifestyle changes that you can implement to assist you in reducing the pressure on your nerves: 

  •     Repetitive movements can irritate the connective tissue in your feet, so do exercises to counteract this motion
  •     Walk barefoot occasionally to give your foot a workout, and alternate the height of your heels
  •     Choose good quality shoes that fit you well and give yourself a little more space in the front
  •     Consider visiting a podiatrist to provide a custom insert 
  •     Be careful how much time you spend in shoes with cramped toes or high heels 
  •     Have regular checkups to keep chronic conditions like diabetes under control
  •     Try to stay within a healthy weight range to relieve some pressure on your feet
  •     If you must stand all day, change positions regularly to distribute the pressure more evenly

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