Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men: When to Consider HRT for Men

HRT for men

As men go throughout life, they experience increases and decreases in testosterone and other hormones. As they get older, they may start to experience hormonal imbalances that can cause a variety of different symptoms. 

Though many men are ashamed or embarrassed to admit they are having problems, it is incredibly common to experience age-related drops in testosterone. In fact, low T is one of the most common culprits of changes in weight, sexual function, and more. 

Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men can help reduce or reverse many of these issues. Keep reading to learn more about common symptoms that may be treated with testosterone replacement therapy.

Sexual Dysfunction 

One of the biggest changes many men experience as they age is a significant decrease in their sex drive. Low libido is an incredibly common complaint, and it is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed by. 

That’s not all!

A drop in testosterone can also lead to erectile dysfunction and even low semen levels. While there are medications to help treat the symptom, HRT can treat it at its root cause by addressing the hormonal imbalance.


Another symptom that a man may experience with low testosterone is increased fatigue. Without HRT for men, most patients will find that they just don’t have the energy they used to, and some are willing to accept that it’s just a normal part of getting older.However, low T can also cause insomnia, which will only worsen feelings of fatigue. Rather than suffering through the tiredness that comes with hormonal imbalances, men can address the problem with testosterone treatments.

Decrease in Muscle Mass

As testosterone levels start to decrease, many men may also find that they have less muscle than they used to—even if they are still hitting the gym. Unfortunately, when hormones become imbalanced, a man’s body doesn’t replace muscle as easily as it once did. 

If a man doesn’t have enough testosterone in his body, eventually, he will start to lose muscle mass. Instead of struggling in the gym, men who notice that they are losing muscle mass are encouraged to have their hormone levels checked to see if HRT could help

Hair Loss

Another thing that men have come to accept is hair loss. Though it’s natural and hard to prevent male pattern baldness on the head, some men experience hair loss in other parts of their bodies. This is most likely due to a drop in their testosterone levels. They may notice that they have less hair on their chest, arms, legs, and face than when they were younger. If this happens, HRT for men may be able to stop or slow down the loss.

Increase in Body Fat

As if it wasn’t bad enough to lose muscle mass, men with low testosterone levels also have to worry about gaining more body fat. Specifically, a hormone imbalance will cause men to store more fat in their midsection or chest. 

Unfortunately, diet and exercise will do little to nothing to help a man lose weight if low testosterone is to blame. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a doctor test hormone levels if a man is having trouble losing weight. 

Frequent Mood Swings

Some men may also find that low testosterone has a major impact on their mood. Though some people might think depression is causing their irritability, it could actually be something as simple as a hormone imbalance. Some men could be experiencing depression as well, but it may also be fixed with HRT for men. Men who experience mood swings or depression in their older age should talk to their doctor right away. 

Changes in Memory

Finally, memory changes are another common symptom that doctors are seeing in men with low testosterone. Though it is normal to experience some sort of decrease in cognitive function or memory, men with low T will usually notice that the problems are amplified. Not only can it make it challenging to focus on subjects, but it can also impact their ability to recall information quickly.

Find out More About How HRT for Men Can Reverse These Symptoms

Men who suspect that they have any of these symptoms should contact Infinite Wellness Center to learn more about how HRT for men can help. They can call the local Glen Carbon office to find out more about the therapy options to see if they would be a good candidate. They can also call to schedule an appointment with a medical professional or use the online form to request a new patient free consultation.

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