Regenerative Medicine in Glen Carbon, IL

Stem cells and regenerative medicine harness your body’s restorative properties to give you a boost of healing power where you need it most. Stem cells and regenerative medicine are a safe and effective treatment alternative to surgical solutions that can have a heavy impact on your life.

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icon-dnaWhat is Regenerative Medicine?

Stem cells are bursting with potential to renew damaged cells and differentiate into the cells your body needs including cartilage, tendon, bone and ligament cells.

At Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center, we take pride in our responsibility to bring the most innovative, state-of-the-art treatment options to the people of Glen Carbon, IL., and that’s why we offer regenerative medicine solutions to end chronic pain. Stem Cell therapy and regenerative medicine treatments are non-surgical, drug-free treatment options that work to heal your body at a cellular level. We offer a five-star standard of regenerative treatment for the safest patient experience and maximum results.

Our integrated medicine staff is skilled in treating your total body, so we create customized care plans for each patient based on the unique needs and specifics of your condition. If you’re searching for the most effective, convenient, non-surgical treatment, stem cell therapy is the option you need to change your life and end your pain.

Conditions Treated with Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell and regenerative medicine procedures end the pain by healing and restoring the body to correct underlying conditions including:






Ligament damage


Cartilage degeneration


Chronic joint conditions

Exploring your options for stem cell therapy and regenerative care could be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for to help you live better. Schedule your free in-office consultation today to learn more about how we can use this revolutionary treatment option to help you by calling 618-844-2043.

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