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Our goal at Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center is to provide the patients of Glen Carbon, IL with safe, effective solutions for their knee pain. We offer non-surgical, drug-free, holistic treatment options to give you the benefit of pain relief without the risky side effects and complications of medications and surgical treatment options.

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Your knees are the champions of your body construction; they absorb shock and support the body as you sit, stand, run, walk, and bend. All the hard work the knees endure each day can begin to take a toll as the vital cartilage cushioning the bones in your knee begins to degenerate and wear away.

Changes in your knee joint can result in serious pain that can hinder you from completing simple tasks and could possibly rob you of your mobility over time. People living with knee pain understand how important it is to find treatments that offer long-lasting effective relief and recovery.

Our practice prides ourselves on thorough diagnostics to target the source of your knee pain instead of covering it up with medications that carry high dependency risks. Our supportive staff is equipped with a menu of knee pain treatment solutions to devise a customized care plan for your unique needs. We focus on total body healing for a stronger healthier you and pain-free movement in your knee joints.

What Are Some Knee Conditions That We treat

At Infinite Wellness Integrative Medical Center, we focus on helping patients with knee pain from:




Knee joint degeneration


Meniscus tears


ACL and PCL Injuries



Make today the last day your knee pain has control of you. Call 618-844-2043 to start your way back to your normal.

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